You are sharing your blog content the wrong way: Learn the right way to share your blog blog post

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you guys another traffic secret you could use in getting more traffic from same traffic sources.

In all My blogging career i never knew i was sharing my blog post the wrong way (though its brings visitors) but it should have been more and today i’ll be showing how to do it right.

The secret is instead of sharing your blog post why not share the category. Like instead of sharing the link of your blog post why not share the category where the blog post you wanted to share falls into and the blog post you want to share will appear as the link but when it’s link you keep the visitors reading more and please your blog posts should be an interesting one.

This is one of my blog category and above is the link

Above is what i ask you do not sharing your blog post

This not what i asked you to do.

Please make sure your blog is updated anytime you are sharing it to any of your traffic source and please make sure your website is always updated.

Please don’t spam anybody and make sure the title of your post is actually the content of the post and not someting else just to get visitos.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

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