Why do i have more watch views than subscribers?

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you the reason you have more watch views to your subscriber and i’ll be showing you on how to get things started.

There are two reasons your subscriber watched but did not subscribe.

  1. They weren’t satisfied.
  2. You didn’t ask them to.
  1. Not been satisfied: you don’t go around making videos just to your taste, no, you are a youtuber because you wanted to show the world you have something to offer or else you are doing it for fun or looking for a place to save your videos.

If serious, your videos should be interesting and well detailed and please don’t bore me with the “i don’t have sophisticated tool” you don’t’ need to have those, just have well detailed good quality videos.

2. You didn’t ask them to: The mistake most vlogger makes is not telling your viewers that they are more interesting videos like the one they are watching and they should subscribe to get it.

How to solve the problem

  1. Create interesting videos and ask them to subscriber.

2. Reply to comment.

3. Seek for their opinions that will make them feel welcomed in the family.

4. Blog about your video.

5. Encourage your already subscribers to share your video that will get you more subscribers.

6. Create an Email section or phone number where viewers and subscribers can contact you.

7.Alway drop a link in the description box for another video of yours because if they found the first one boring, they might the second one interesting and wanting more then ask them to subscribe.

8. Always appreciate those that subscirbed.


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