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Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you how you could use this website (similarweb) to drive traffic to your blog. Well this website does not actually give you traffic but it shows you where the traffic of your competitors is coming from and the social media that works for them.

You might be thinking that this platform is not necessary but trust me it is and its not all social media on earth you must have heard about.

Now what is

According to Wikipedia, Similarweb is a digital intelligence solution provider for enterprise and small to mid-sized business customers. The platform provides web analytics services and offers its users information on their clients’ & competitors’ web traffic.

According to Wikipedia, it stated that it provides “Web Analytics” and this is why we are using today and also going to show you on how you could get traffic from this website. But before i do that, i will love to ask you guys a question.

Who are your competitors?

The person within your niche but with higher traffic. That is the person’s website you will be using today, to know where the person’s traffic is coming from and also join the traffic source to earn traffic like the person.

Step 1

Visit and input the website of your competitor.

Today i’ll be using neilpatel’s webiste as my competitor. According to the picture above neilpatel is getting 7.71million visitors every month and referring website is below;

Step 2

The guess what, when i started visiting neilpatel’s referring website i found a new website which i used to drive traffic to my website by commenting on the website and its was a relevant comment and i also left i link to my blog if i felt relates to the blog post.

Now i discovered that neilpatel has a huge amount of traffic, i started follwing his blog and youtube channel, leaving a comment and also a link to my blog.

Step 3

This are the social medias that bring traffic to neilpatel’s website meaning it is also possible for you to use them if you were having double minds on them, you are now assured and you can begin by visiting the websites and seeing how you could drive traffic from them (what is if you are in the same niche with neilpatel and me).

To learn how you could drive traffic to your website with facebook, twitter, whatsapp and twitter you can check my website because i have created post for all that and even more traffic method.

Advise: You can also share the blog post of your competitors so that you could gain trust on the platform you are sharing it, since your competitors are also well known.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

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