Learn how to run Facebook Ads that drives not just visitors or conversions but also social media followers

Hi, welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you guys the mistake you have been making while running facebook Ads and nobody is talking about it, millions of dollars are been exchanged for reach more reach out on facebook but once the length of time paid expires all the money just go away even if you got what you wanted but there is something missing. Why not send those visitors you get from facebook to somewhere you don’t need to pay for them to see your post like sending them to Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social media on earth and also one of the top companies on earth too, having acquired Giphy, Instagram and Whatsapp we could tell that they are here to stay.

The secret some marketers doesn’t know is that you don’t really have to keep running Ads for every product you want to promote or get paying influencers, you can be your own source of conversion or else you feel like you need more new buyers.

So let me show you what i meant by “Learn how to run Facebook Ads that drives not just visitors or conversions but also social media followers”. Please i’m assuming i’m writing for people that is already into running Facebook Ads. Let assuming you are done creating the post you want to promote, this is how to add your social media.

Step 1

Log in to the social media you want to send to the visitors that will be coming from Facebook to, i’ll be using Instagram for this tutorial. Click your social media profile and copy the URL in your browser

Step 2

Visit bitly.com to shorten the URL because obvious you can’t insert

Step 3

On the post you want to promote, paste the shorten URL of your social media asking your potential visitors to also follow you on your social media handles.

For instance

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