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Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you a traffic method i just discovered and i’m about to share it with you guys. Thistraffic method works like Quora but is most advanced than Quora and it’s what the people are searching in the internet unlike Quora that only show question it’s users are asking but i’ll advise you to use them both for maximum traffic.

Answer the public, this is the name of the website i’ll using today to show you on how to rank faster on Google Search and earn quality traffic from it. And the amazing thing about this website is that it also show question related to search from Quora.

What is Answer the public?

Answer the public is a website which collects questions asked online and stores it for users consumption.

This platform is good for advertisers you want to target a particular country or a particular niche or topic. And it also good for bloggers and Vloggers.

Let me show you guys on how to use this website.

Step 1

Visiting the website by click on https://answerthepublic.com/ type in any question related to your niche and choose country you want to target.

Step 2

Check out other questions related to your search and create a “one search double keyword target” for example

In Answer the public i searched for “How to create a free website” and these are the few ones i could capture but i want to show you something from this.

If you want to target Canada, There is question for “How to create a free website in Canada and also for “How to create a free church website. then this should be the topic of your blog post, “How to create a free church website in Canada” and when anyone search for any of the above you will still show up.

Step 3

Make sure you create a nice blog post or video post for the topic.

Thanks for reading.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not a sponsored post.

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