Is it okay for me to buy web traffic for my website?

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be answering this often asked question and also with a reason and also an alternatives.


for me the answer to that question above is NO and this is why

You don’t the source of traffic the platform you said to sent traffic to your site is using and for your information there are some traffic source which are dangerous to your blog or website; sites like Porn site. The platform might be sending Bot traffic to you and you can’t find and if you have Ads from popular Ads platform like Google Adsense your account will be banned and in some platform there will be no count for such traffic.

So how can i get traffic to my website fast?

You can run facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads or Twitter Ads. At Least you could tell that this platform mentioned has real visitors and can drive conversions for you and also traffic.

But is there free traffic sources?

Yes they are i have created so many post on how you could drive free traffic from Facebook and Twitter and also other traffic sources which are not harmful to your website.

And also another easy cool way to get traffic to your blog is to get indexed by search engines not just Google but also Bing, Yandex and others.

I know for beginners getting web traffic might be frustrating and not encouraging but let me assure you that blogging is all about patient, but if you can wait you can run the above mentioned Ads and get legit traffic but if not on cash you can read my other post on traffic generation and get visiting because i share traffic sources often on this blog and i know you will like to know other sources which you don’t know they exist.

Thank you for visiting and reading

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