I prefer growing my social media followers to Email list. This is why!

Welcome and today i’ll be showing you guys something different but still inline with my niche. or should it be i will like to correct you guys on a very often mistaken most bloggers make, and that is ignoring social media following building to Email list building.

Please don’t get me wrong, i’m not stating that growing your Email list is bad but i think you should divert your attention to growing your social media followers.

Okay i want to ask, Who pays you for having 1 million Email Subscriber, Nobody, but Social media influencers get paid by advertisers to promote their product in front of their huge followers. And do you know that your social media followers can be your Email list subscriber, but your Email list subscriber can be your social media follower. and here is a proof;

  1. Your social media follower been your Email List subscriber

You can create a duplicate of your blog post on any of your social media handles with huge followers and add a link to your blog post or rather share your blog post to your social media handle and when your follower clicks on the shared blog post they will be referred to your blog. And then your Email list subscription box can pop up and they will see it as getting more from you and they will subscribe, it might not be all but many will do that for you.

2. Your Email list subscriber into social media follower

Imagine you sending an email to me asking me to follow you on your social media handle, menh! i’m gonna have that as a spam and just close the email.

There are more social media users to Email users and majority logs into their social media account everyday unlike Email.

According to Google Search there are 4.33 billion social media users in 2021

and there are 4 billion Email users in 2021

On my research, while trying to know the engagement of Email and Social media users i got this important post

Exactly what i stated before that your social media followers can be your Email list subscriber.

Please its okay to grow your Email list but it is more necessary to grow your social media followers, so that you need don’t need to struggle for you to be noticed online.

This one of the problem some bloggers have you get noticed outside your blog which is really bad.

Yes to Social media following building

Yes to Email list building

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