how to set up Onesignal webpush notification plugin on your wordpress website

Welcome and today i’ll be showing you on how you can set Onesignal webpush notification plugin on your wordpress website. Onesignal is a company that offers webpush notifications, and the reason i’m using this platform today is because i’m also using their webpush notification plugin and i’ll be showing you on how to set it up.

Note: There are other webpush notification plugins on the internet, incase you do not like Onesignal.

So on my post “Traffic method that bring your visitors back to your website and also new visitors to your website” i showed you guys that there are possibles to bring your visitors back to your website and also making them become subscribers and i promised to show you guys on how to set up a webpush notification plugin and today i’ll be doing that.

So Step 1

Log in to your wordpress dashboard and click on the “plugin” icon and then “add new” and search for “Onesignal”

Install and activate the plugin.

Step 2

After installing the plugin, click on the “onesignal” icon on the sidebar of your website and set up

Step 3

Now it time for you to sign up for a Onesignal account.

Click on the “create account option”

Choose web push as your option and then sign up for an account using your google mail

After filling the required space you will have to confirm your email. Onesignal will send you a confirmation email

Step 4

After confirming your email, you will will be referred to this page and then you click “add new app”

and then input your website’s name not the URL example the name of my website is “Learnersweb”

Choose webpush app

Then click on sitebuilder and then wordpress

Scroll down and fill the requirement below. Please indicate if your website is https or http. Hit save when done.

Step 5

After you must have fill in the above. you will be given an App key and ID

Copy them and head back to your wordpress dashboard. Click on the “configuration” option, then you paste the code where supposed.

Step 6

Scroll down and select to your choice or leave as default. When you are done Hit the save button.


Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post

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