Get massive traffic from this untapped traffic source

Welcome to my website and today i’ll be showing you a facebook alternative which you get use to drive traffic to your website as this social media is just starting and what they need is people to engage not monetization.

If you are familiar with facebook then you have no problem with this new social media and you can also get paid if you join their affiliate program and get people to the social media but that is not what i’m trying to do, i don’t have any affiliate link and this is not a sponsored post its just for entertainment purpose.

ColdCast is the name of the social media i’ll be using today to show you how to drive traffic with it and it’s for free.

Step 1

Just sign for an account by clicking on the sign up option

Step 2

After you might have gotten an account with this platform add friends and you can also join groups. this social media is new so it will be very difficult for fraudsters to notice but please don’t spam. before you start promoting yourself in the social media make sure you have contributed massively through answering of questions and even promoting of popular website that works in the social media first.

Step 3

Then now you can start promoting yourself but not in a spammy way promote other people’s website that is relevant and you can also join group in your niche.

Coldcast accepts all people from every country in the world so if you are trying to reach out to any country in particular you can with this platform.

Step 4

Copy the link to your blog post and paste it in the provided option but before you do that write a little attractive write up about the link and post.

DISCLAIMER: Please this is not a sponsored post.

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