Check out this traffic method that gets you more views

Okay after you might have gotten more visitors and subscribers from Onesignal plugin, how do you get your visitors to stay longer on your website, that is getting you more views.

Welcome to my website and today i’ll be teaching you on how you could get your visitors to spend more on your website. actually today i visited a News blog and i find out something, in the first post i visited there was a link to another post and when i was done i was eager to know what the attached link post is saying and i click on it and do you know what happend? i spent an hour on the blog, because any post i visit has a link to another interesting post.

So today i’ll be giving you you guys on how to succeed on this method.

First, what i noticed about the link of any post i visited was that they were a kind of related. For instance, i can’t visit a post that is all about “how to drive traffic” and you add a link to another post that reads “How to create a Fiverr account” that is off. So the link to the blog post you are adding to any blog post should relate.

Secondly, the title of your blog post must be attractive and catchy.

Thirdly, don’t trick them just to have them to read more. For example, One billion ways to earn traffic to your blog while the blog just has a write up about a particular traffic method.

Fourthly, All your post should be interesting and has value to add to your visitors because you can’t have a boring referring post and expect someone to visit another post

Fifthly, The link to another of your blog post should be at the end of the blog post

Thanks for reading and visiting.

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