Blogging course: Stop! if you see blogging as a source income, Stop now! because of this

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you the truth about blogging nobody have ever showed or told you about, so sit down let us discuss as family.

So i’m going to ask, why do you blog? because you heard you could earn money from it or because this is what you love doing and want to share your knowledge with the world. Do you know that i have been a blogger for five years but i have never earn from my blog but just from Affiliate marketing, i have created so many blogs but this is the first one i’m trying to monetize, why? because i have never thought about money before i started blogging i just want to create a world of my own where i’ll be the leader and so should you.

Do you know what happens when you think about profiting from a business first?

Its fails, the business fails but in blogging it should be a hobby not a business and when you are fully ready you can monetize your blog by promoting content or running Ads.

Do you know what happens when you see your blog as a business first?

You get frustrated when you don’t benefit from it. because in every business they should be profit and this might make you ending up as a run-away blogger (quit).

But do you know what happens when you have it as a hobby you would be border whether your blog is monetized or not.

A friend of mine adsense account has been terminated because he was sending invalid traffic to his website so that he could get more money off his website and he told me he has blogging just because his adsense got disapproved. Do you know why? because he saw adsense as a money making machine and that is a wrong impression about any Ads platform, nobody is a money machine they just find the right way to make it right.

Do you know my reason for this post? so that you would get frustrated about blogging.

Facebook, Google and other top companies didn’t see money making as their number aim when they were starting, they just wanted to get the people’s attention and what is happening today, Facebook and Google are one of the top companies in the world.

Please this is not a motivational write up, is jsut a fact!!

Thanks for reading.

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