Asia source of traffic: drive targeted web traffic with this twitter alternative

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing a social media you could use in getting targeted Asia audience and this platform has so many engagement and its a new platform which needs your post to keep the social media lively.

You might wondering the importance of this social media since the major concentrated audience are audience from USA, UK and Canada and other major audience but the truth of the matter is that if you find this post not for you i’m writing this post for Advertisers or publisher that needs audience from Asia countries.

This social is a self acclaimed Twitter alternative which has some of twitter features and if you should ask me this platform is more engagement and you can have fast followers since the social media is just starting and i’ll you to benefit from this social media before advertisers come to discover it.

The name of the social media i’ll be using today is called “Tooter” just like Twitter and very post is called “Toot” just like Tweet.

Before i show you on how to use this website to drive traffic to your blog or website please read the privacy policy and terms of the social media before using it and because it accepts every post doesn’t mean you should post pornographic pictures or videos.

Now this is how you could drive traffic to your blog from this social media

Step 1

You need to have an account with them and this is how to do it;

Visit and click on the sign up icon

Step 2

Fill in the requirements correctly and start following people so that you can get noticed and also earn followers

Stpe 3

This social media also have facebook features, you can like, react so people’s post and also comment to get people’s attention don’t just start promoting, gain trust and fame in the media first

Step 4

When you might have gotten trust and fame (attention) this is how to promote content.

On the homepage of the social media there is space where you can post anything you wish that goes with the website policy

Write a little write up about the post you want to share then paste the URL of the blog post and publish. it will be automatically be fetched by the social media.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

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