80.93k monthly traffic: Free traffic from this free promotional website

Welcome to my website and today i’ll be showing you a traffic source that has a whooping 80.93k monthly visitors (According to Similarweb) and this website permits you to share your post for free and it’s will be shown to everybody on the platform.

So the name of the traffic source i’m going to be showing you today is called “OnfeetNation” and this traffic allows free promotion of your content but as i always state, check the post the kind of content people are sharing there to know if yours is going to be accepted by the audience of the platform to avoid spam.

Before you can access this website you must have an account with them and do that you have to follow my step by step guide.

Step 1

Visit https://www.onfeetnation.com/ and click on the “Sign in” button and then on the “click to join”

Step 2

Input the details needed by the platform

Step 3

After must have gotten an account. Like people’s post and invite or add friend and also comment to other people post.

Step 4

Then its time for promotion. You will find a space on default where you can post or speak what is in your mind. Write a write up about the post you want to promote and then paste the link to the blog post.

Caution: Please remember to read the privacy policy of the website and aslo the terms and conditions

Thank you for visiting and reading.

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post.

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