50,000 thousand monthly visitors: get free web traffic from this new but engaging source

Welcome to my blog and today i’ll be showing you on how you could drive interesting and converting web traffic with this website that permit self promoting content but your content should be interest and important to its user.

Before i commence, what is your niche?

The secret of all the web traffic sources i share here is to check out the website and know what is been shared and also the contents that work the most and if your niche or content is not accepted or is not engaging in this traffic source there are other traffic sources which you can check out on this website.

Don’t just share your post and expect others to click and like it, you can reshare i person post in the platform and tag the person it will be more traffic for you if a person with more followers reposted your content. and also follow others so that you can stand a chance of been followed. Like, comment and share people’s content in the platform and also outside the platform.

So the website we going to be using today is called “quizana” well for your info i’m not in any way affiliated to this website i just find the the website engaging and to be a great source of traffic so decided to share it with you guys, my readers.

Before you could use this website you need to have an account with them and this is the way to get an account with them.

First, visit https://www.quizana.com/ and click on the sign up button

Step 2

Fill in all the requirement correctly

Step 3

After you must have created an account with this social network now it’s time to start promoting your content. Click on the post icon..

Caution: Before you start promoting yourself make sure you must have follow my above guideline.

Step 4

Write a little write up about the blog post you want to promote and then paste the URL of your blog post

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post.

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