44.37 Million Monthly Visitors: Send your news tips to Drudgereport and drive traffic to your website for free

Welcome to my website and today i’ll be showing you guys on how to drive traffic to your News blog or website for free and this traffic source today has a whooping traffic of 44.37 million monthly visitors (According to similarweb)

and this website is a News aggregator which send traffic to Big News websites like CNN and this permits you to send News tip to them and drive traffic to your website for free, UNBELIEVABLE!

Proof that this traffic source sends traffic to CNN

Before you send a news tip which is from your website, you should make sure that your blog or website is worth adding to website that sends traffic to News giant like CNN and not a copy and paste blogger.

Please before you send a news tip to Drudgereport i’ll advise you to send a request to this email, DRUDGE@DRUDGEREPORT.COM asking them to give you guidelines on how to send a news tip to them. After they must have did, this is how to send them a news tip.

Scroll down and you will see an empty box with this notifcation “SEND NEWS TIPS TO DRUDGE” fill in the box following the guidelines given to you.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

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